ACS to Realm eGiving Transition Email

Email to Converted Accounts

When converting from ACS to Realm, scheduled donations will be moved over so those gifts continue to process as intended. Contributors with recurring gifts will need to setup a password for their Realm account so they can continue managing their profile and donations moving forward. Prior to sending the Realm Invite to converted accounts, send a version of the email below notifying those contributors of the transition and their need to take action. For assistance with invites or identifying the converted accounts, contact support at 800-669-2509.

Subject: We're changing the way we accept online giving contributions, and we need your help.

Dear [[Contributor's Name]],

We are making exciting changes to our church’s online community! Our new site will make it easier for you to give and provide you with more ways to minister to each other online. While changes to our system requires you to take action, we have worked to ensure a smooth transition.

We are happy to share that your scheduled donations will continue to process without interruption. To view your donations and access your profile moving forward, you will need to create a new password for your account.

Later today, you will receive an invite to create an account in Realm, our new online community. Please use the link in that email and follow the steps to create a password. Once you’re in Realm, take a look around! You'll see a Giving option, located in the left menu, which allows you to view your giving history and scheduled donations. Contact the church office if you have any questions.

Your generous support is vital to our ministry. Thank you for taking a few moments to update your login information. If you have any questions, please contact the church office at [[Organization Phone]].

In Christ,

[[Organization Admin]]
[[Organization Name]]