Easter Bulletin eGiving Announcements

Be sure to share how your members and visitors can give this Easter. While sharing from the pulpit is important, also include an announcement in your church bulletin. Check out a few sample announcements below to get you started. Replace the highlighted fields to personalize the announcement for your church.

Announcement - Online & Text Giving

We are grateful to see new and familiar faces this Easter, and we want to make sure you know how easy it is to give without having to carry your checkbook or cash. Check out two ways you can give quickly and securely below:

  1. Visit our website to give online: [[church website]]
  2. Text [[church keyword]] to 73256

Announcement - Online, Text & App Giving

Thank you for joining us on Easter Sunday! We are excited to celebrate and want to thank the ministries involved with making today possible. These ministries are vital to our church’s worship and we would love to invite you to give so we can continue to support them. Securely give online at [[church website]] or by texting [[church keyword]] to 73256. If you would like access to view your giving history and make future and recurring donations, please contact the church office to set up an account to use online or through our mobile app.

Announcement Including Offering Card

Welcome to [[Church Name]] as we celebrate Easter Sunday! We know many of you may not have your checkbook or cash on hand, so we want to share a few ways you can still easily give during today’s service. Use your mobile phone to give online at [[church website]] or by texting [[church keyword]] to 73256. Then pick up one of our offering cards and drop in the offering plate as a symbol of your generosity.