Grow Giving

The guide below contains tips and tricks to help you take giving to the next level. Click on any blue section header to learn more about that topic.  To print the guide, expand any sections you would like to be included, then right click on the page and choose print.

Set a Goal

Identify your Target

Where do we have potential for growth within the congregation?

Set a goal for online giving. Then take time to identify individuals that would benefit from learning more about stewardship and the ways to give.

  • Anyone who doesn’t give regularly.
  • Anyone Who Doesn’t Use Check Or Cash.
  • Contributors Of All Ages.

Regular database management allows you to see the areas of need and potential growth in the church. Realm has tools like dashboards which help you identify and communicate the needs of the church with your congregants. These same tools can provide great insight when setting your eGiving goals.
Nick Campbell

Challenge Contributors

Create a Campaign 

Small Gifts can make a Big Impact! 

Use a campaign to create a positive learning environment so members can become comfortable with the concept of giving regularly. Take this opportunity to show members any amount they are able to contribute is beneficial to the mission of the church.

  • Identify members who give irregularly.

  • Challenge them to give a small amount weekly.

  • Instruct them on setting up a recurring donation.

  • At the end of the year share how those donations directly benefited the church.

I worked with a church who implemented a $5 campaign for the children's playground. They used this campaign to teach the importance of giving regularly. Members and regular attendees, who did not give regularly, received letters explaining the campaign and encouraging them to setup a recurring donation. When a contributor scheduled a donation, they received a hand written thank you letter. At the end of the year those contributors were comfortable with making regular donations and saw how their small donations allowed the church to make the needed upgrades to the children's playground.
Ashley Perry

Understanding Generations

Generational Characteristics

Let generational characteristics inspire your communication plans.

When communicating to contributors, tailor the message type and content to suit the audience. 


Inspiring Millennials

Whats the deal with Millennials?

Though Millennials are a very generous generation, the church often is not on the receiving end. Millennials tend to give when they feel personally involved. Their generosity is commonly rooted in their emotions and desire to create memories rather than moral obligation. 

  • Make it a point to show how their donations impact the ministry.
  • Use nouns rather than verbs: "Be a Contributor." 

Focus on the impact giving makes, not on dollars and cents. People respond better when they see the difference their gifts make in the lives of people than they do to a budget being made.

Planning Communication Methods


Giving should be communicated via the same methods used regularly by your church.

Action Plan

Create a communication action plan

Outline who is responsible for creating the content and set a deadline for each communication.

  • Don’t rely on one person to manage all communications - utilize volunteers who are willing to assist.
  • Make assignments based on strengths.
  • Consider breaking up communication assignments by generation - for example, have a Millennial write the content when the target is young adults.

Having a plan to communicate the new ways to give at your church is the best advice I can give. Communication is key to a successful eGiving program. Emails, verbal announcements during services as well as small groups, training classes for congregants that are not as computer savvy as others, etc will go a long way. In this communication make sure congregants know the different ways they have to give as well as how to use these ways to give. Our implementation materials provide you with the tools you need to communicate to your church and have a successful launch of eGiving.
Caitlyn Bullard

Further Implement eGiving

Instructional Materials

Is it easy for contributors to locate giving instructions?

Permanently add giving information to any regular communication.

  • List the ways to give in your bulletin, newsletter, announcement slides, etc.

Provide additional instructional resources explaining the ways to give.

  • Take advantage of the free editable implementation materials available. Simply click here, choose the category you wish to browse, select and download your desired material. Check out the description on each resource for editing tips.


Use posters to highlight giving throughout your campus.

Go To Materials

Text Handout

Popular for its fun design and simple text instructions. Find this on the small handouts tab.

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Instructional Handouts

Choose from our variety of customizable materials on the medium handouts tab.

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Detailed Brochure

Is your congregation "less tech savy?" Try on of our detailed brochure.

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Offering Cards

Scared of an empty offering plate? Check out the Offering Cards.

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Update the website

Is giving easily available on your website?
  • Find a friend (who doesn’t attend your church).

  • Send them the link to your church’s website.

  • Ask them how long it takes to figure out how to give online.

Make the most of your website.

In addition to a give now button, you can use a giving landing page to further promote stewardship.

  • Clearly state the ways to give.
  • Include information about Realm to foster recurring giving.
  • Share information on how funds are allocated.
  • Take it a step further by including testimonial or images showing how stewardship has helped the church or community.
Use the example web-pages below as inspiration for your website:

eGiving & Stewardship
Modern giving page with a graphic showing how funds are allocated.
eGiving & Pledges
Realm giving page with instructional videos and information on pledging.
eGiving & Realm
This page provides eGiving information, Realm links and Realm FAQs.
About Realm
Use a Realm landing page to promote your online church community.

Think Outside The Box

Use Images

Show how previous gifts have impacted your ministry.

It is common to share photos of mission projects, however, images can also be used to inspire giving to the general budget as well. Capture moments happening regularly within the walls of the church. Share the images while thanking congregants for giving to the general budget and supporting the day to day operations of the church. For example:

  • Children coloring
  • Students participating in youth events
  • Members chatting in small group sessions
  • Congregants connecting at Fellowship events  
  • A volunteer greeting attendees
  • An individual praying
  • Individuals at choir practice
Help contributors understand the budget and spending

Using a graphic like the one below rather than a financial report can make it easier for contributors to understand how funds are allocated.


Educate Congregants

Connecting via Realm

Hold a session to teach congregants about Realm, including:

  • Updating contact information
  • Scheduling recurring donations
  • Printing giving statements
  • Staying up to date on news and events
  • Connecting with group members
Financial Understanding

Help congregants to better understand finances and giving. 

  • Teach biblical stewardship
  • Offer financial coaching or a financial planning class

Show appreciation

Thank Contributors

Go the extra mile to make contributors feel appreciated. 

  • Send hand-written thank you notes to first time givers
  • Check in regularly with top contributors 


Engage Contributors

Don't Be afraid to talk about giving

Take time to explain...

  • Why should people give to the church?
  • Why should they give online?
Communicate Giving regularly.

Giving doesn't have to be an uncomfortable topic. Regularly communicating the importance of giving, the budget, and the ways to give will create a positive giving environment.

  • Take a moment at the beginning of each service, during the offertory or in small group sessions to mention the ways to give.
  • Make it a point to present a brief financial update monthly or quarterly to encourage transparency and understanding of financial resources and needs.

57% of congregants prefer to receive information from the church during the worship service.


Let contributors inspire one another

Have Contributors share their stories.

People who give faithfully can inspire others with their stories of how giving has positively impacted their lives.

  • Have a church member speak about how online giving has helped them grow.
  • Have some share how eGiving allowed them to give outside of service when they felt lead to do so.
  • Have a contributor share how recurring giving made their life easier.

Be sure to discuss giving regularly with the congregation. You can do so by sharing a giving testimony, sharing how their giving has grown over a period of time or showing where the money is going. Discussing giving doesn't have to be "please give" but can be more of a testimony, encouragement and conversation. Members will respond well to this type of communication.