Launch Giving

The guide below contains tips and tricks to help you implement eGiving. Click on any blue section header to learn more about that topic. To print the outline, expand any sections you would like to be included, then right click on the page and choose print.

Set Up Online Giving in Realm

Online Giving

Setup online giving in Realm.

Additional Considerations:

  • Once online giving is setup, you can enable memos on the fund level as needed. 
  • Keep online giving simple by limiting the funds that are available.
    • You can enable or remove funds from online giving at any time.
    • Be sure to remove seasonal funds once the campaign ends to keep the list as simple as possible.  
  • Realm allows users to setup recurring donations with or without logging in.
  • Contributors with a Realm account can log in to use saved payment methods, manage their recurring giving, print their giving statements and more.
    • Click here to learn more about how contributors gain access to Realm under Open vs Invitation-Only Church Models in our Realm Help Center.
    • Contact support (800-669-2509) for assistance with Realm invites or for information on security settings.
Set Up Text Giving in Realm

Text Giving

Click here to view the setup instructions in the Realm Help Center.

When considering Realm for text giving, it's important to note the following:

  • Realm text giving does not allow repeat donations.
  • It does save the contributor's payment method, so they can easily give again.
  • Realm provides the phone number that contributor's message to: 73256.
  • Contributors text your church's keyword to the phone number.

Permanent Church Keyword Notes

Keyword Requirements

  • 3-20 Characters
  • No spaces
  • No special characters
  • Text Giving is not case sensitive


  • Related to the church name, abbreviation or website URL
  • Something unique and specific to your church
  • Check with other staff members before locking in the keyword
Launch Realm to an Initial Beta Group

Beta Group

Prior to launching, all staff members should be comfortable with Realm and the ways to give. As you prepare staff members, you can do a soft launch to an initial beta group.

Why launch to an initial beta group ?

  • This allows time for the staff to get comfortable with Realm features like reporting and helps staff identify or prepare for frequently asked questions. 
  • The individuals in the Beta Group get to feel special and appreciate being the first to know of the new online community.
  • The Beta Group can be instrumental in the launch by supporting the staff, providing testimonials and spreading excitement through out the congregation.

Email Communication

Example Email Communication:

We have upgraded our church software help us to stay connected and give online. One of the upgrades is a program called Realm. We have chosen you specifically to be a part of our Realm launch team. What is a launch team? You and a few others have been chosen to “kick the tires” on our new online giving program and provide us with feedback. We want to hear about your experience so we can better communicate with the entire congregation when we launch Realm.

Here is what you need to do.

  1. Look for an email from us inviting you to join Realm.*
  2. Click the link in the email you received to create a Realm password.
  3. You will then receive a verification email in which you need to click a link to verify your account.
  4. Confirm your birthday or phone number on the webpage that opens from that link.
  5. You can now sign into Realm using the link on the church website or at [Realm Site Link]. 

*If you didn’t receive an email, we may have incomplete our outdated information in our records. Simply call the church office, and we will verify that we have the right information on file.

Now you have your log in! Here is your assignment:

  1. Update your contact information if needed
  2. Locate a member of your family or your small group (Sunday school class)
  3. Set up online giving
  4. Reply to this email with your feedback.

We’re excited about what’s happening at [Church Name]. Thank you for taking a few moments to try out Realm. You’ll be hearing even more about it throughout the year.


Let Your Congregants Know that Online Giving is Coming Soon

Communicate new giving methods are coming soon

Use the Free Pre-Launch Materials to Generate Excitement for the eGiving Launch.

Take advantage of the pre-launch graphics and resources available under the materials section.


Pre-Launch Materials

A variety of graphics, handouts, posters and more!

Go To Materials

Update Your Website

Update the Church Website

When you add the new giving link to your website, create a landing page that shows congregants how to give through Realm. On that page, provide information on giving online, via text, and with your mobile app. You can even create a page dedicated to Realm. 

Make The Most Of Your Website.

In addition to a give now button, you can use a giving landing page to further promote stewardship.

  • Clearly state the ways to give.
  • Include information about Realm to foster recurring giving.
  • Share information on how funds are allocated.
  • Take it a step further by including testimonial or images showing how stewardship has helped the church or community.

You can also add a dedicated webpage highlighting Realm as your online church community. View the Communication Guide at resources.realmchurch.com/guides for example wording. 

Use The Example Web-Pages Below As Inspiration For Your Website:

eGiving & Stewardship
Modern giving page with a graphic showing how funds are allocated.
eGiving & Pledges
Realm giving page with instructional videos and information on pledging.
eGiving & Realm
This page provides eGiving information, Realm links and Realm FAQs.
About Realm
Use a Realm landing page to promote your online church community.

Launch Online Giving to the Congregation

Implement the New Ways to Give

Use the Free Implementation Materials to Launch Giving.

We know inspiring stewardship in your church isn’t easy. But we’ve got you covered. That’s why we’ve put together this resource library which is full of the tools you need to implement giving. By clicking Realm at the top of the resources website you can always return to the realm home page.

  • The Materials Section allows you to select materials with or without information on the Realm app. Once you make your selection, you will find professionally designed and customizable materials including posters, slides, handouts and even videos to help you implement eGiving.
  • The Resources Section has everything from social media graphics to example website layouts. Don't miss the Example Announcements section for help with frequently asked questions. 



Use posters to highlight giving throughout your campus.

Go To Materials

Text Handout

Popular for its fun design and simple text instructions. Find this on the small handouts tab.

Go To Materials

Instructional Handouts

Choose from our variety of customizable materials on the medium handouts tab.

Go To Materials

Detailed Brochure

Is your congregation "less tech savy?" Try on of our detailed brochure.

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Offering Cards

Scared of an empty offering plate? Check out the Offering Cards.

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Remind People that Online Giving is Available

Update Communications 

Permanently add a giving section to regular materials and communications like your bulletin and newsletter.

This can be an image, icons, or simple bulleted instructions allowing members and guest to easily identify the ways to give.

Regularly communicate the ways to give


Making announcements regularly will create a comfortable giving environment where contributors can ask questions and gain a better concept of stewardship.  

Example Announcement 

Have you seen our new online giving program? We’re excited about the new things happening at [Church Name]. You can securely give from our website and via text message. You can even create an account to set up recurring donations. If you’d like account-level access, please contact the church office. We’ll then email you so you can get started today.