Pastor Announcement

Good morning!

I have some exciting news. We listened to many of you who said you wanted to be able to give your tithes and offerings online. In an effort to help all of us be better stewards of our financial resources, we are now offering online giving.

My hope for our church is that by now having online giving we will be more focused and intentional with our stewardship and generosity. Online giving will provide all of us the opportunity to develop a better habit of giving on a regular basis. If you forget your tithe one Sunday morning, you won't have to worry about bringing it by the church office or catching up next week.

Over the coming weeks you're going to be hearing more from me about where we are as a body of believers. You'll be seeing reminders on social media, hearing from your small group leaders, and receiving emails on how to setup your account to give online.

When you get home this afternoon, I encourage you to click the giving button on our website.

We have been faithful in giving back a small portion of what God has blessed us with. Let's continue to give and be obedient to Him with our tithes and offerings.

I am thankful to be a part of such a generous congregation.